Work, the Poor Man’s Mate and the Rich Man’s Toy 

I recently finished a 10 month Contract at Hearst Health in London & I made many friends during my time there. For those of you who may have missed me on my last day, here’s my goodbye message…

Fellow chippers at the rock face of technological wonderment,

Sadly, at the end of today’s toil, I must leave the Hearst family. I understand that an official announcement will be made before the New York Stock Exchange opens later today and that traders in London & the Far East are already discounting Hearst stock. In fact, stocks around the World took a massive tumble yesterday, so clearly the word has been out there for a while! Oh the stock market, what a fickle friend it is!!


It’s been a privilege to work with you all and a rewarding experience to be part of the place for the last few months. By way of a small repayment for what you have all given to me I have decided to reward you all through the gift of the rhyming couplet  – not quite as valuable as green shield stamps (thus, I date myself) but nevertheless yours to cogitate upon at your leisure…

Work, the poor man’s mate and the rich man’s toy

By Russell Gilbert, Raconteur and all round idiot.

I struggle home with ne’er a friend

My toil at Hearst has reached its end

Bereft, forlorn and full of woe

My job is done and I must go

With hope & fear I’ll look for work

For somewhere else to be a berk

Finally, and in the hope of shining a little light onto the dark art of the development manager, I feel compelled to draw into your collective consciousness the immortal wisdom of another geek, who’s wit & sagacity exceed those of this humble wordsmith by a considerable distance…

“It is a mistake to think that you can solve any problem just with potatoes”  – Douglas Adams, 1952 to 2001, the great man lives on.

So long peeps, it’s been bodacious.




Software Development Manager (London)