Ode to the Burghers of Sussex

Dear Parking Peeps of the ancient county of Sussex,

I’ve dug deep into the Gilbert treasure chest had have duly coughed up. That is to say that handed over the doubloons required by your penalty charge notice.

It’s a bit disillusioning that you have rejected my cunning, carefully considered and, I thought, perfectly executed challenge to what seemed to me to be a bit of a burghal smash and grab.

The great scribes of Sussex have recorded my vehicle registration against my permit to park, so the knowledge that I had paid, and was in fact a thoroughly decent member of the citizenry and a jolly nice bloke, was surely within your grasp.

Whilst I appreciate that the moral high ground in municipal parking barely breaks sea level, compared say to relieving 3rd World poverty, I nevertheless intend to occupy it with the inner calm of an honourable soul.

Yours, in peace, love & hope.

Russell Gilbert.

Scion of Oswald, Osmund & Oslac

PS. Please spend the 25 quid wisely.