Too much is not enough

Been getting myself skilled up on Apple Development using swift lately. As things stand I much prefer C# over Swift and Visual Studio over XCode but it’s early days and the jury should rightly still be out.

Not too early for one gripe though… Apple please sort your documentation out!

The fruity ones go to great lengths to make rich documentation easily available from right withing their dev environment. The problem is that whenever you look up a class there’s just too much of it (documentation not the class, that’s a whole different discussion). There’s no concept of a journey that the reader can navigate according to what he or she needs to know at that particular moment. Basically, you have to plough through the whole turgid mass to find what you’re looking for. Wouldn’t it be great if the doc for each class had a summary right at the top with maybe a table showing the methods and properties available? If the methods and properties were well named you might not even have to read any further. The MSDN library does this really well (more pertinent and less verbose code examples though please Microsoft).

Too much is not enough Apple, what we need is less.