See-thru fruit

One question in the Apple vs Windows debate was answered for me this week. Mrs. G., a woman of great wonder & a queen amongst her species who is nevertheless prone to treat change with some distrust, had a disaster with her iPhone 5c. Something horrible happened with socket the charger fits into and it stopped charging. My random sticking of small sharp objects into the aperture, surprisingly, yielded little in the way of a fix despite the application of much brute force and ignorance.

So off I went to the Carphone warehouse to negotiate the vending of a suitable replacement. After a few minutes pleasantly discussing geeky stuff with a very nice man I walked out with a brand new Nokia Lumia 735, running the latest, greatest (so far) version of Windows Phone 8 and a bit. Clearly Mrs. G, would now have a huge learning curve to navigate but….

  1. The particular Lumia 735 I procured is green J
  2. It’s considerably cheaper than an iPhone.

After a weekend of toil at the coal face of transferring data from an iPhone that I couldn’t plug in and that had naff all in the way of charge left, with a feeling of growing trepidation I set Mrs G free with her new toy. I really needn’t have worried. The Great One took to it like a proverbial duck to the wet stuff. Leaving me to consider the following conclusions…


  1. Mrs G is not just elegant, graceful & beautiful she is also a pretty sharp cookie.
  2. Microsoft is chock full of very clever people who have finally got something right.
  3. It’s simple, stupid. What’s all the fuss about?


I’m currently erring on the side of option 1 – which at least buys me a few brownie points on the domestic front.