Luvin It!

I’m really enjoying using Windows 10. The preview is still a bit clunky, which is fair enough – it’s a preview, but I do think Microsoft has got it right this time. Love the new Start Menu & multiple desktops rock (in fairness they’ve rocked on OSX & Linux for some time). Let’s not be churlish though, I rejoice that Microsoft are moving in the right direction with Windows 10.

I’m not sure that Satya Nadella will be greatly moved by my plaudits but Satya, here they are if you want them.

One step back, two steps forward! I eagerly await the finished article… “like greyhounds in the slips, straining upon the start.” as some bloke from the midlands who was quite good with words once wrote. Of course, there’s only one of me and it would be paltering with the truth to suggest I have much in common with a greyhound, let alone a pack of them, but you get the point.