Bog Standard Comprehensive (name redacted to protect the innocent)

I have some great friends from school but looking back on it the actual education was, for the most part, pretty indifferent. I love science & I love history, how was it possible that the teaching of them at school bored me rigid? Two years of copying notes the chemistry teacher made on an overhead project whilst droning on in a studied monotone didn’t help. Given the passage of time I’m not really sure that the droning was either studied (little at my school was studied I fear) or a monotone, I just remember being bored witless. There were some great teachers too but on balance not enough.

My advice to parents everywhere, whatever school your kids go to, is encourage them to read, get personally involved in their learning and find ways of making it fun. Almost everything I know that’s important to my life I’ve learned outside school.


PS The Internet rocks.

PPS David Cameron, Ed Miliband et al; “Education, Education, Education”, as someone not necessarily known for keeping his word once said.