Woooosh! The sound of progress rushing by

Even as I write this I’m uninstalling VS2014 (pre-release) from my (pre-release) version of Windows 10 so that I can install Visual studio 2015 (pre-release). I’m guessing that VS2014 has simply been renamed VS2015, it being November already.

The pace of change in our industry is relentless. As a freelance developer my biggest challenge has always been keeping up with it. But we seem right now to be crossing the threshold of a number of paradigm shifts (actually I’m pretty sure we’ve crossed it). Smartphones, tablets & ever increasing Internet connections speeds have pulled the rug from under our old World and pushed us into a new one. In this new World desktop development seems to be moving towards a niche activity and the gravitational pull of the web and of frameworks like AngularJS and Bootstrap are becoming irresistible and ‘Big Data’ is the meme of the moment.

Microsoft – an organisation itself going through much navel contemplation and concomitant change – are edging ever closer to unleashing their latest weapon in the war of attrition that keeping up with technology has always been. I’m a really big fan of Visual Studio – it’s a huge, comprehensive & great product. However, tools like IntelliJ are pretty damn good too and have the great benefit of being much cheaper. So Microsoft whilst I have great expectations for Visual Studio 2015 the one thing that would really make it great is to make the ultimate version a less painful purchase for humble freelancers such as myself.

If you want VS2015 CTP you can get it here.