Windows 8 Wish List

As part of my mission to figure out what the Metro Modern UI version of Idle Oxen is going to look like I’m trying to get up close and personal with Windows 8. I’ve got a 23″ touch screen all-in-one PC on my desk and the more I use it the better Metro Modern UI feels. I’ve now got my tiles organised as I want and I’m using apps like The Register, MetroTwit, LinkedIn et al and they work really well in this paradigm. However, there are a few things I would really, really like that just aren’t there…

Top of the list is a decent Tasks app that integrates with Exchange & Office 365. Telerik have one but it wants to use my photo library (why?) and the Exchange integration is, by their own admission, limited. My Windows Phone 8 does this out of the box, as do iPads & iPhones. I just don’t understand why Windows 8 doesn’t.

Second on the list is a decent way of organising favourites for the Metro Modern UI version of IE10. The single big long strip that’s provided is rubbish if you have more than a handful of favourites, as is pinning them to the start screen. It seems to me a function that’s crying out for semantic zoom, so it’s a bit of a mystery, to me at least, that something better isn’t in place.