Time is an Illusion, Lunchtime doubly so

Even in this age of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics the equations of Newton are still pretty useful in the every day World. And so it is with .Net and time, surely DateTime is all you need? Not so, dear reader, not so!

Yesterday I went to my first DotNetDevNet meeting at UWE in Bristol and was lucky enough to hear Jon Skeet talk about Time, DateTime, JODA Time and (fanfare now please) NODA Time. I always thought most Governments were barking mad and when you hear what’s been done by them to time over many centuries that view is merely strengthened. I shall henceforth always celebrate the 30th of February 1712 as a hallowed day!

Anyhoo, for any .Net developers who are serious about storing dates, please take a good look at NODA Time, I reckon it rocks!