The Gift That Keeps on Taking

For some time I’ve been using Callpod keeper to store all the various usernames and passwords that I need these days to run my life. I’ve got it synced between my MacBook Pro and my iPhone and it does sterling job. All’s well; or at least it was. Just recently it’s been nagging me to pay for an upgrade – on both systems. I’ve already handed over a quantity of doubloons for my original purchase, what I’ve got now does what I want, so I’m not really sure I need an upgrade. Plus which it looks to me like I’d have to pay for an upgrade on all the platforms I’m using the App on. Furthermore, I guess I’d have to keep on paying for future upgrades. I write software for a living and I think developers are entitled to a return for their efforts, but multiply this across all the packages I’m using and the Gilbert coffers will soon look pretty meagre, Anyhoo, I got so fed up with the nagging that I started to look around for alternatives. About a minute of googling later I found KeePass, which does the job just fine, runs on all my systems and is open source. Downloaded and installed in moments it’s now looking after all my passwords across all my systems – Apple (Evil Empire) and Microsoft (Evil Empire as was), Callpod’s nagging is a thing of the past and I shall be making donation to the nice peeps at KeePass.