The Future Needs To Be Orange So I Can See It Through My Bleary Eyes

For the edification of fellow surfers of the blogosphere here is the text of a message I’ve just sent to the executive office at Orange. If anyone else is hacked off by being woken up by pointless texts from Orange here’s the email address,

Dear Senior Orange Twonks,

I’m writing this email at 3:15am. I was woken up by a text message from Orange (not for the first time) at 12:39am telling me my service had been upgraded & I can’t get back to sleep. Thrilled as I am that my service has been upgraded (I can’t wait to discover what new wonderment awaits) I feel my life would be no less complete had I not received the news for a few more hours. Could you not send these texts out at a more reasonable time? Or, better still, could you not send these text’s out?

If these messages are SO important that they HAVE to be sent out in the early hours of the morning maybe you could give me your CEO’s phone number so that I can wake him up to confirm they have arrived, I’m sure he’ll rest easier knowing that I know that my service has been upgraded.


Russell (Not a Happy Bunny) Gilbert.