Crossing Over to the Dark Side

After what feels like years of trying to get my Windows Mobile (aka Windows CE) phone working I’ve finally thrown all my toys out of the pram and been and got myself an iPhone! I had been using an HTC Touch for a while, which did most of the things I wanted, albeit with all the vim and vigour of a geriatric snail on diazepam. My biggest beef with it was that it would not automatically switch to Wi-Fi at home, which produced some expensive bills. The second biggest pain was that it was pretty poor for use with the sausages that pass as my fingers & I was always losing the stylus.

A couple of weeks back I finally exhausted my once impressive cache of styluses (styli for anyone born in Rome about 2,000 years ago or maybe just given to pedantry), so I was galvanised into action. I really wanted to find a new phone running Windows Mobile 6.5 but I’m with Orange and changing Telco looked like way to much trouble. All the current Orange phones are 6.1 so the nice man from the fruit suggested I try an iPhone. Given that I could get an iPhone 3G for nowt and the monthly package was less than I am on now, I made the jump to the Dark Side.

The bad news is I’m now stuck with iTunes again and am once more in the greedy clutches of the Evil Empire. I got thoroughly hacked off with iTunes when Apple started demanding credit card details to download album art work (threw my toys out of the pram then too and went and bought a Walkman). The good news is I now have a phone and a decent MP3 player all in one (why is that so tricky for Windows phones?) and there’s one less bulge in my trousers. Also, the iPhone way more fun to use (I know it’s lame to say it but it just is).

I now have my entire album collection on my Mac Mini, which means the fruit of my loins and heir to the Gilbert estate can no longer chip away at his meagre inheritance by losing, scratching and generally being careless with my CD’s. (Happily the sallow youth prefers Led Zeppelin to the Arctic Monkeys & he’s clearly not destined for number 10). I’ve even downloaded Tarkus from the iTunes store so gentle musicality of the great Emerson, Lake & Palmer can once again be heard down our way.

So, overall I quite like my iPhone. There are a couple of gripes though…

  • Why won’t iTunes on OS 10.4 sync my Outlook notes? If you want that functionality then you need an Intel Mac and the Evil Empire will demand at least another 500 quid from you.
  • Why no To Do list as standard, let alone one that syncs with Exchange?
  • Why can’t I skip straight back to my mail after going to a link to a web page from the last email I was reading?
  • Why’s the soft keyboard so small?
  • Why can’t I have profiles that easily switch between silent, normal, really loud etc.?
  • Why don’t Sky News keep the news in their app up to date?

No doubt these, and other, mysteries will be clear to me as I become immersed in the ways of the Dark Side.