Silverlight 3 RTW

Silverlight 3 was released to the Web on Friday, Horaaah!

I duly downloaded it and hit the first problem, which was that it doesn’t work with Visual Studio 2010. As far as I know there’s no release date for Beta 2 of VS 2010 and no news of when it with support the released version of SL3. I had a go at removing VS 2010 and putting 2008 back on there as well as uninstalling the SL3 Beta and installing the RTW version, which quickly became a painful experience. So for about the 4th time in 6 weeks I decided to rebuild my PC.

The good news is that Windows 7 installation is quick and painless J. A bit of time was required to re-install all the apps and utilities that I use but such is life at the bleeding edge.

Going back to VS2008 I immediately miss the new interface, especially the facility to undock code windows. The process of regressing my VS2010 project back to VS2008 has been surprisingly painless though. I simply set up a new project and copied the old source files into it. There were a couple of gotcha’s, like VS2008 doesn’t compile files in the APP_CODE directory by default, which meant manually changing the properties on each file, and VS2008 expects a name space for classes in APP_CODE, which 2010 does not. But a couple of SARAs and a few property changes later and I was up and running. I’m pining for Visual Studio 2010 though, so I guess I’ll set up a virtual PC with it on.

If anyone knows when the next update to VS2010 is due I’d love to hear about it.