VS2010 and Business Intelligence Development Studio

I’ve just started trying to get some of my BIDS projects going in VS2010 & they don’t (go, that is). There doesn’t seem to be much (or in fact any) information about this on the MSDN site and a quick session of Google and Bing didn’t turn up much either.

I sent an email to Charles Sterling through his Blog (which I thoroughly recommend by the way) and got copied on a pretty much instant email that he’s forwarded within Microsoft asking for more info. If I get more info I’ll post it here. In the meantime, if anyone else out there knows anything please post a comment here.

When you look at the range of systems, languages and tools that enterprise developers need to be familiar with these days I can understand why Microsoft want to integrate development for all their systems into Visual Studio. BUT, it sure makes keeping things in sync difficult and we end up in crazy situations like VS2005 not running SSRS 2008 projects and VS2008 not running SSRS 2005. So you wonder maybe if all the various platforms that Microsoft produce wouldn’t be better served if they each came with their own – complete – development environment. To put it another way why can’t BI development functionality be completely integrated with SQL Server Management Studio?