Old Joke about Recreation Areas and Sewage Plants

It’s early in the morning and I’m not completely awake yet, which explains the near miss I’ve just had that reminds me of the above joke. If you don’t know the joke, ask your dad.

 I’ve just been running a few backups. These days I back up to a series of external USB hard disks (got fed up of handing over large quantities of doubloons to Symantec and the good people at Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing) so I was going through my usual routine of copying the files on my server across to the HDD de jour when I nearly robbed future generations of Gilbert’s of the benefit of the wit and wisdom of my life’s work.

Sparing the dear reader the gory details I merely ask this …

What bright spark in the UI planning department at Redmond thought it would be a good idea to put ‘Safely Remove’ right next to ‘Format’ on the HDD context menu?